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Are you outgoing and fun-loving? Do you like to organize and make sure things run smoothly? Do you want to attend the event for free* or possibly be compensated monetarily? Then consider volunteering at this amazing event!! Check out what our needs are (below) and submit the form if you are interesting in filling one of these positions! Or contact us if you have any questions.

*PLEASE NOTE: Before you apply to volunteer, you must first purchase an ALL-DAY pass. Shifts are 4 hours long. After your completed shift, you will receive up to a $30 refund as a thank you for you efforts. Refunds will be processed after the event.

Our Needs:

Volunteer Coordinator: (1 needed)
keeps track of volunteers, answers questions, distributes volunteer compensation

Room Hosts (16 needed):
works in 1/2 day shifts. Introduce speakers, check wristbands for admittance, tidies room after each class/workshop

Registration Table Supervisor:
Supervise ticket table. All day shift though may come and go as needed

Registration Table Ticket Taker (6 needed working in 4 hour shifts each):
Take tickets and distribute wristbands
Collect same day payments on iPad
Distribute materials

Document the entire day- Pictures in classes, workshops, and vendor areas.
Deliver finished photos to committee.

Document the entire day- Pictures in classes, workshops, and vendor areas
Editing of final film optional (and paid!)

Lunch Coordinator:
Distribute boxed lunches to vendors.

VIP room coordinator (2 needed):
Maintain security of VIP room
Hospitality to VIPs

ASL Interpreter:
Attend with Deaf attendees

Tear down supervisor:
Supervise take-down in evening.
Check out vendors. Document damage or debris

Participant Bag Stuffer (2-3 needed):
Come to a fun planning meeting before event to help stuff and organize participant bags

Submission Form to Volunteer*:
Please remember to buy your All-Day Pass BEFORE Applying
I am interested in:
Check out the Vendor/Sponsor List
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“This movement isn’t about natural birth vs. medicated birth. It’s not about hospital birth vs. home birth or birth center birth.
It’s about women being capable of making safer, more informed decisions about their care and that of their babies,
when they are given full and accurate information about their care options, including the potential harms, benefits, and alternatives.
Then, within that choice, they are treated with dignity and compassion.”
~ Dawn Thompson, Founder of www.ImprovingBirth.org