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Find Your Voice:
Vocals and Vocabulary for a
Powerful Birth

with Lauralyn Curtis
Birth Film Festival
with The Touch of Life
The Small Gestures
of the First Forty Days

with Heng Ou

The Mongan Method

with Finoa Judd
Birth Boot Camp
with Dani Satchwell
The Curtis Method

with Lauralyn Curtis

Sacred Pregnancy
with Stacie Nelson
Bradley Method
with Alda Mills
with Melinda and Candice

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Asti Atkinson Eric Bailey James Beadle Sierra Brooks Adrienne Brown
Sarah Caldwell Lauralyn Curtis Hannah Dunford Dr. Sean Edmunds Dee Gordon
Dee Gordon Kathleen Haws Raven Haymond Riley Howard Rachel Joy Jackson
Julia Jeffery Richelle Jolley Julie Johnson Fiona Judd Jennifer Knowles
BreeAnn Moore Melissa Montoya Wendy Moss Kiki Norman Dr. Christopher Palmer
Kendra Parry Kelly Pomeroy Sariah Price Jessica Quigley Lindey Shipley
Liz Stika Kristina Stitcher Rachel Talley Dezarae Weyburn Jennifer Whitaker

Rachel Talley is a homebirth midwife and founder of LivingMom Midwifery Services. Rachel has been offering her midwifery, placenta encapsulation and childirth education services across the Watsatch Front. Rachel is one of the longest and most experienced placenta encapsulators in the state of Utah and has been offering her services for 10 years. Rachel is also an herbal practitioner, a raw foods educator, emotional healing facilitator. In 2000, Rachel became certified as a Nutritional Herbologist. Soon thereafter, she began teaching classes on such subjects as nutrition, herbalism, whole foods, raw foods, vegetarianism, veganism, cleansing, supplementation and overall physical and emotional health and well-being.

Rachel created and has taught “LivingMom Positive Childbirth Courses” for the last 6 years. Rachel has spent the last 20 years researching and educating herself in many matters relating to all forms of natural therapies. Rachel works with many people to help them facilitate their own personal healing. Ten years ago, Rachel was introduced to Native American healing and utilizes its teachings in her current birth practices and methodologies for health and wellness.

Philosophy of Practice: Babies and moms remember birth for the rest of their lives. The experience of birth is imprinted within the limbic brain and has lasting effects. These effects can stimulate bonding, healing and connection between Mom and baby and baby and family or they can stimulate the opposite. The birth experience defines imprinting for life. By thorough preparation and dedication in pregnancy Mother and baby create can create a more positive life altering experience, at birth and life thereafter!

Placenta Encapsulation and Herbology ......Room 228, 4PM
Epigenetic Imprints ......Room 228, 5PM

Kristina Stitcher is a sought after speaker, educator and consultant for family wellness practices. After graduating from Parker University, Kristina founded Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2004. This office has become a leading family wellness practice and specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care. Kristina is dedicated to empowering birth in Utah and is dedicated to raising healthy families.

Vaccines: Know the Facts
and Your Options
......Room 220, 5PM

Eric Bailey is a professional mentor, trainer, and advanced holistic healthcare practitioner. Over the years, he has closely observed the habits of highly success people. Implementing what he has learned, he has seen massive growth in his healthcare practice, health, and relationships, especially with his beautiful wife, Heather. In one year alone, he grew his monthly income by more than 100 times, going from welfare to wealthy. He now seeks to share his secrets to success that absolutely anyone can use. Eric is an incredibly powerful and motivating speaker and has benefited the lives of thousands of people through his audio training CDs, seminars, personal mentoring programs, and healthcare practice in northern Utah. His greatest desire is to improve the lives of millions of people around the globe by helping them achieve vibrant health, massive wealth, and successful, loving relationships. You can be one of them!

The Greatness Within You ......Room 220, 1PM

Fiona Judd is a HypnoBirthing practitioner, birth doula, and mother of (soon to be) five. She has also given birth in hospitals, at a birth center, and at home, in addition to attending births in many different locations. Her unique and varied experience is invaluable to couples who are preparing to give birth. She is an avid believer in parents rights in choosing how, where, and with whom they give birth, and enjoys helping women feel supported in their birth choices.

Choosing Your Ideal Birth Location ......Room 220, 1PM

Jessica Quigley is a Certified Babywearing Consultant, trained through the Center for Babywearing Studies. She has educated both retail and medical field staff, has worked with caregivers one on one and in group settings, and she is a co-leader for the local group, Babywearing in Weber/Davis Co. She is the region's contact person for two non-profit organizations - The Carrying On Project, an organization that aids military families in need, and Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive, an organization that assists families with children of Special Needs, both offering their assistance through babywearing. Jessica has recently joined the Lillebaby staff as a Retail Educator.

Everyday Babywearing ......Room 224, 5PM

Kathleen Reading Haws is a practitioner and a teacher of spiritual midwifery. After attending the DreamWalker Birth Transitions School, she became a teacher and presented the first DreamWalker Birth class worldwide. She is also a DreamWalker Birth Mentor Teacher Trainer for Crimson Circle Advanced Studies. Kathleen is a founding member of ISA (the International Society of Adoulas).

Kathleen finds great joy as a Spiritual Adoula. As one of the first to set up a practice, she serves as a mentor for other Adoulas. She is the author of The Baby Connector, a book in which she explains the work of the Adoula and cites experiences of her clients.

In addition to teaching and working as a Spiritual Adoula, Kathleen is a gifted facilitator who works with those in the spiritual awakening process to understand themselves on the deepest and most divine levels. Working in a safe and sacred space, through the conscious breath, clients experience a beautiful process of clearing and balancing energies, expanding their consciousness, and for those who choose so, accepting the invitation to create clarity and transformation.

Getting Ahead of Fear and Trauma, the Pre-Birth Connection ......Room 224, 6PM

Kendra Parry is a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor (BBCI) who lives and teaches here in Salt Lake City. She has a bachelors in human development from the University of Utah and has given birth naturally twice and is currently expecting her third child. Kendra became a childbirth educator because she is passionate about helping expecting mothers and fathers know their birth options and and having the birth that they want to have.

Birth is More than One Choice ......Room 228, 3PM

Julie Johnson started her career 18 years ago as a birth doula. She had a thriving private practice in Southern California. There she was teaching Lamaze classes on an average of 3 nights per week. She was also apart of a hospital doula program that was grant funded and got paid for providing doula services to low income women at a county hospital. From that experience she realized that she loved working in a hospital and when the doula program went away she knew she had to do something to provide services to the women in her comminity. She went back to school at the UCSD lactation consultant program and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and had 3 hospitals who hired her. She spent 5 years working full time hours as a hospital lactation consultant and saw every mom post partum and those that came to the free community breastfeeding clinics.

When she left California and came to Utah she went into private practice. She now has a thriving lactation consultant private practice where she sees women and their babies in her office in Murray and provides home visits to anyone from Provo, Park City to Farmington.

When she saw that so many babies negatively affected from the birth experience or had a tongue tie that interfered with effective breastfeeding she went back to school and became a licensed massage therapist. Now she doesn't have to refer as often as she needed to for cranial sacral therapy because with that special modality and in conjunction with lymphatic drainage, infants heal faster from the birth experience and mom's swelling in breast tissue is minimized or eliminated completely. Therefore, sore nipples heal and mom's gain more confidence and hope of successful breastfeeding.

Sore Nipples are Not Your Fault ......Room 229, 4PM

Sherri Gunn is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She has been working with moms and babies for over 14 years as she began her career as a Maternity/NICU RN. She is the mother of 5 and God blessed her to have had a vaginal birth with an epidural, an emergency c-section, a scheduled c-section, a VBAC with an epidural and a natural birth with a doula. She has breastfed all her children and truly understands the ups and downs of breastfeeding. She co-owns the business Success with Breastfeeding located in Farmington and does in home consulations, is a consultant for Lakeview hospital and is on the Davis Breastfeeding Coalition board. She loves what she does and is passionate about helping moms and baby's on their journey to a successful breastfeeding experience.

Breastfeeding: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me ......Room 229, 1PM

Debbie Gordon was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming, as the 7th child of 13. She grew up with a baby in her arms and from a young age desired to be a nurse and work with mothers and babies. Her desires were fulfilled when she was hired in 1985 as a graduate nurse to work in Labor and Delivery at the local hospital in Casper. She began working for IHC at LDS Hospital in the maternal/newborn, GYN/high-risk antepartum unit in 1988 after marrying her husband Jay and trained all the new hires from 1989-1994. After transferring to Alta View Hospital to work in Labor and Birthing in 1994, Debbie received her certification in childbirth education and began teaching.

Following many years of infertility and multiple pregnancy losses Debbie and Jay adopted two sons, Jayson in 1995 and Jonathan in 1999 with divine intervention. Once their adopted sons were part of their family, Debbie was able to carry her 7th pregnancy to full term and birthed Matthew in 2002. Even after having assisted childbearing women for 17 yrs. and understanding the birthing process quite well, Debbie chose to hire a doula, Claire Stanley, to assist her in her first biological birth. After Matthew’s birth, she turned to her doula (even before the placenta was delivered) and said, “Claire, next time let’s do HypnoBirthing®!” Debbie knew there was a more comfortable way to birth her babies and two years later, using HypnoBirthing® techniques, she comfortably birthed her 4th son, Benjamin. As she did with Matthew, she turned again to her husband, Jay, and said, “Gee, that was so fun! Let’s do it again!”

In 2006, Debbie arranged for Marie Mongan, founder of the HypnoBirthing® Institute, to come to Salt Lake City and do a practitioner training in March 2007 and brought the HypnoBirthing® program to IHC (Intermountain Health Care), teaching from 2007 until June 2011. Her personal beliefs were fully expressed in the HypnoBirthing® philosophy which she readily embraced, always believing that she and all women had everything they needed to birth their babies gently, comfortably, and well. After completing the HypnoBirthing® practitioner course, her 5th son, Eran, was delivered at 32 wks. via cesarean after special circumstances. Though it was not the comfortable, calm, gentle vaginal birthing experience she had envisioned for her son, she used her HypnoBirthing® techniques to breathe love and life down to her baby and her experience made her even more passionate about the HypnoBirthing® program.

Teaching HypnoBirthing® has brought her a great deal of joy and satisfaction in her efforts to create a gentle birthing experience for both women and babies and instill in women a confidence in their birthing bodies and of birth’s perfect design. Debbie returned to the bedside of laboring women as a doula (professional labor companion) in 2010 after completing certification requirements through DONA International and has maintained her certification. Debbie chose to step aside from IHC in 2011 after 23 yrs. of service and employment to teach independently so she can more fully offer the ongoing support that the HypnoBirthing® program advocates as well as provide doula services to her clients and facilitate her clients’ birthing desires and philosophies rather than hospital protocols and procedures. There is nothing so heartwarming and rewarding as participating in the miracle of childbirth! Gentle births create gentle beings!

Affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute.

  Essential Oils for the Birthing Woman ......Room 215, 3PM
The Only Reason You Have a Uterus ......Room 229, 7PM


Adrienne Brown, CPM, LDEM has assisted hundreds of women and families in childbirth and women's health for over 15 years. She is currently the owner and midwife at Wasatch Midwifery and Wellness, LLC, providing specialized midwifery and holistic women's healthcare to the greater Salt Lake City community. She is excited to offer homebirth services as well as deliveries in early 2017 in her new, modern and comprehensive birthing center. Adrienne collaborates with Dr. Bradford Lester, ND to offer a unique model of holistic healthcare for the whole family.

Thriving in the First Trimester ......Room 226, 7PM

Dr. James Beadle graduated from Life Chiropractic College West where he gained a passion for pediatrics. After having two chiropractic miracles (two daughters) of his own, he realized how important chiropractic was for expecting mothers. He has taken over 200 hours of post doctoral training with the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and has participated in research studies with other doctors around the globe.

Dr. Beadle is also a board member of EPIC (Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections) which is the leading upper cervical chiropractic technique using sound waves to gently correct the upper neck. He currently teaches EPIC at LCCW in California feeding his passion to help the new generation of chiropractors. Dr. Beadle is also rated "Advanced Proficiency" with Activator Methods- a safe, gentle method of adjusting without the use of manual force.

Dr. James Beadle started Sound Corrections Chiropractic, PLLC in 2014. It is one of three clinics in Utah county that specialize in pediatrics.

Overcoming the Pitfalls of Distocia (Difficult Labor) ......Room 226, 1PM

Melissa Montoya is a Bachelor's trained Registered Nurse with years of experience in a Mother/Baby and Special Care Unit of a local nationally recognized hospital. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who specializes in newborns and takes special interest in breastfeeding initiation. She is the owner of BeLove Maternity serving as a Birth Doula and Breastfeeding consultant in Tooele, Salt Lake and Northern Utah counties.

Review of the First Hour of Birth (Skin to Skin) ......Room 226, 5PM

Liz Stika is passionate about improving birth for families in Utah by building collaborative relationships between providers and by combining traditional midwifery arts with current best practices. Liz loves teaching and seeks out opportunities to build up her community. She currently facilitates the Utah County Red Tent circles for women, the Utah Midwives Organization Conference, and hosts annual activities focused on seasonal and folk traditions.

Prior to midwifery, Liz worked with a wilderness adventure therapy program designing and leading expeditions all over Utah and being outdoors still plays an important role in her life In 2005 Liz graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor of science in dance and in 2014 she graduated with honors from the Midwives College of Utah. Liz Stika is currently practicing as a doula, monitrice, and licensed home birth midwife with 10 years of experience in birth work. She lives in Provo with her husband and four year-old son. “I believe that ‘the rising tide lifts all boats’ and that together we can contribute to a birth culture that is supportive, inclusive, and intentional.”

Decoding Ovulation with the Fertility Awareness Method ......Room 228, 7PM

Jennifer Sorensen Whitaker and Raven Haymond are both Certified Birth Doulas and Advanced Birthing from Within mentors. Whether it's in the class......Room or in the birth ......Room, Jennifer and Raven find joy and fulfillment in supporting birthing families.

Using Art to Deepen Birth Preparation ......Room 228, 2PM

BreeAnn Moore is the owner of Positive Body, Mind and Baby, LLC. She has studied birth for 5 1/2 years, giving birth to three of her own children and supporting women as a doula and postpartum belly binder in that time. She is a Bio-Energetic-Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) practitioner and healer, specializing in removing fears, trauma, and limiting beliefs and improving birth. Her greatest desire is to enable women to have more positive experiences in pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood so the world will be a brighter place.

Intuitive Birth ......Room 226, 4PM

Asti Atkinson started using essential oils 20 years ago. She was interested in finding natural solutions for health and wellness, and has found using essential oils in the home to be an empowering first line of defense. She is passionate about teaching others how to incorporate pure essential oils into daily living to assist with mood management, a prevention lifestyle, and overall wellness.

Asti is an author, has spoken at numerous health and fitness events around the country, regularly participates as a student in wellness training courses and seminars to add to her knowledge, and has collaborated online wellness trainings to help simplify the process of ‘getting started’ with natural solutions.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies ......Room 215, 5PM

Sierra Brooks is a Certified Postpartum Doula through the Midwives College of Utah, and currently going for a second postpartum doula certification through Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA). She has been practicing very part-time as a postpartum doula for 17 years. Her doula specialties include helping mothers process their birth experiences, supporting mothers so that they can be at their best, working with multiples, helping parents identify their baby's cues, rhythms and communication, gentle sleep consulting, working with moms experiencing PMADs, and breastfeeding support.

Two years ago she launched Bud to Blossom and now focuses her time on being a mother of 2, a postpartum doula, gentle sleep consultant and teaching HypnoBirthing classes both privately and through St. Marks Hospital.

She has been teaching childbirth classes for the last 6 years. Starting out as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE), she had the honor of helping to write Methodist Womens Hospital's (really Omaha's) first cirriculum for a childbirth class geared towards unmedicated birth.

Although she loves Lamaze, after having two babies of her own she knew there must be a way to have an even more calm and relaxed experience. That's when she discovered HypnoBirthing, The Mongon Method. June of 2015 she became a HBCE, or HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and has been loving sharing it with parents ever since!

In January 2013, she became a Certified Lactation Counselor, enhancing her teaching abilities as well as her ability to support breastfeeding moms. In 2014 and 2015 she was the Breastfeeding Cafe Chair for the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition. As she had just moved to Utah in 2014, being the Cafe Chair was a great way to get involved and get to know her community.

Sierra is extremely passionate and involved in her community. Supporting families as they transition their lives with new babies is her way of impacting the world with support and positivity one family at a time.

Mother Baby Sleep Support ......Room 229, 3PM

Jennifer Knowles holds two Bachelor's degrees from the University of Utah, has been working in military health care for just shy of a decade and has been a sexual health advocate for 5 years. Jennifer got her start with more public appearances by doing in home health presentations for Pure Romance, and has been able to reach an exponential number of women through this forum. Jennifer specializes in Sexual Health, Intimacy, and working through traumatic events, as well as Breastfeeding advocacy.

Understanding Intimate Changes Before, During, and After Pregnancy ......Room 224, 7PM

Riley Howard grew up on a farm in Southern Utah. Not only was she very active with farm life, she was also very active in sports and other extracurricular activities. When she was 17 years old, Riley was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease where her body's immune system attacks her joints and organs. Riley went into a very long grieving period after her diagnosis, because it meant that she could no longer be as active as she was used to because her body was in so much pain every day. After about 13 years of grieving her "old life", Riley finally decided to accept her condition and embrace her life with a chronic illness. She currently runs her business called Chronically Strong where she makes and sells awareness ribbon products, and provides support and advocacy for people with chronic and invisible illnesses. Riley has two young girls and still lives in Southern Utah just a few miles away from the farm she grew up on.

Birth and the First Few Months Parenting with Chronic Illness ......Room 229, 6PM

Dr. Christopher E. Palmer is a licensed Chiropractic Physician, Reiki Master Practitioner, public speaker and author. His main educational background is in the healing art of Chiropractic and he graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in September of 2006. He has been practicing in Utah since 2008 and sees patients of all ages in his practice, including expecting mothers, newborns and infants. His lecture topics include chiropractic & pregnancy, food additives & nutrition, efficacy of using essential oils in family health, BioEnergetics and understanding the subtle energies around us, and several other topics.

Bio-Energetics: Basics of Working with our Body's Subtle Energies ......Room 215, 2PM
Using Essential Oils in Every Day Family Health ......Room 215, 4PM

Alda Mills is a childbirth educator, preconception, birth, postpartum and beyond doula. She assists women and their partners with planning their pregnancy, while actively preparing them for labor, birth & their postpartum days. She works with families by providing physical, emotional and informational support. She helps women work through any fears and limiting beliefs they have while trying to conceive, while prenatally and during their postpartum and beyond days. She teaches The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth in group and private classes. In addition to being a mother & birth worker she is also a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. She loves providing free Healthy Pregnancy & Postpartum Classes to empower women & their families in her community.

Self-Care During Pregnancy and Post-Partum ......Room 215, 1PM

Lauralyn Curtis is the creator of the Curtis Method Childbirth Preparation program, founder of the large Facebook community and website Hypnobirthing Utah, and developer of the Curtis Method HypnoDoula Training and Certification program. Ms. Curtis is a professional singer and trained yoga instructor and brings her unique stage experience and knowledge of body alignment and breath work to her teaching. She completed her training in childbirth hypnosis with the HypnoBirthing™ Institute in 2009. During her third pregnancy, Lauralyn created for herself a unique blend of birth hypnosis, prenatal yoga and yogic breathing that enabled her to have a painless, unmedicated, safe and healthy birth with her third son.

In the following years, she began building the online communities and local live support groups that would eventually become Hypnobirthing Utah. In her practice, she discovered a need for greater prenatal and postpartum support in the community and founded the AfterBirth Postpartum Support Group and Positive Birth Group – Utah. In 2013

Ms. Curtis launched the Curtis Method of Childbirth Preparation; a unique approach to childbirth hypnosis emphasizing: Active Birth Birth Instinct Anchoring Evidence-based maternity care Informed Decision Making Deep Relaxation and Breathing Hypnotic Anesthesia and Pain Reframing Fear Release and Confidence Building exercises Daddy Doula Training She has taught many hundreds of couples how to prepare for and create powerful, positive birth experiences, no matter what turn their birth love stories take. The Curtis Method can be used to prepare for an empowered natural birth, epidural-assisted birth, or family-centered cesarean birth.

Ms. Curtis is an organizer, speaker and presenter at birth conferences and expos, bringing her unique style of active relaxation to a wide audience of birth professionals and supporters.

Together with her husband, music producer Israel Curtis, Lauralyn has created a widely-loved collection of Guided Relaxation and Positive Affirmation recordings. They are downloaded all over the world by mothers across various birth programs, who are seeking a more relaxed, comfortable and confident birth experience.

KEYNOTE: Find Your Voice Vocals and Vocabulary for a Powerful Birth Auditorium, 2PM

Hannah Dunford, CPM, LDEM became a doula and started studying midwifery at age eighteen. She has been attending births all her life, since she was born at home along with her all of her five siblings. She apprenticed with many midwives (CPM's and CNM's) in Utah, Oregon and Arizona assisting in many home births and birth-centers births. In 2010 she had beautiful experiences doing midwifery volunteer work in and out of hospitals in Haiti and The Domincan Republic. Shortly after passing the NARM board exam in 2012 and becoming a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), she left to serve a full-time eighteen month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Upon returning she spent the summer working as a behavioral health technician at a troubled teen boys facility in southern Arizona. She then moved to Utah, became Licensed (LDEM) and practiced as a staff midwife at a birth center for nearly two years. More recently she went through the training to become licensed as an EMT. She now has a home birth midwifery practice here in Salt Lake City that is focused on empowering women through the birthing process.

Yoga, dancing, rhythm and movement of the body in general have been some of her life-long loves. She participated and taught many forms of dance throughout her life. She participated in the 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through Utah Prenatal Yoga and has thoroughly enjoyed teaching yoga ever since!

Navigating Feminine Highs and Lows ......Room 228, 6PM
Gental Prenatal and Women's Health Yoga ......Room 220, 7PM

Richelle Jolley has been serving the Utah community as a Certified Professional Midwife since August of 2000, and is known for her loving and professional manner. She honors childbirth as a perfect process, designed to prepare a couple for parenthood by instilling confidence, strength and depth of character. Richelle is experienced in breech and twin deliveries, and is knowledgeable in the field of nutrition and alternative therapies for aiding in a healthy pregnancy.

Trusting Birth: Holistic View of Giving Birth ......Room 224, 2PM

Dee Gordon is a mother of 8, a Life coach, and Traditional Midwife. Dee has developed her capacity to recognize every individual as a person of unique gifts and talents with the ability to grow to their fullest promise.

Dee has participated in maternal health outreach programs on 3 continents and currently organizes medical teams to go into West Africa developing programs to alleviate the maternal and fetal crisis. Dee’s mission is to support individuals and businesses in uncovering the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their greatest potential.

Leading by example, Dee promotes a holistic approach to living a balanced life through education in her community. She has served as a teacher and mentor to community youth and women’s groups and as a fundraising and organizational consultant to humanitarian aid organizations seeking to raise the level of health care for women and children in developing countries.

Dezarae Weyburn has been our full time registry consultant for 6 months now, but before she worked full time at Babies R Us, she dedicated every spare moment to increasing her education in birth and breastfeeding. She took a World Health Organization weekend breastfeeding certification class and has endlessly studied to help support breastfeeding moms. She worked with the store manager's daughter to help her exclusively pump for over 4 months, despite many hurdles in her breastfeeding journey. Her additional work as a doula has prepared her to be sensitive to new parents' needs and her training through stillbirthday has enabled her to work through the mourning process as well, be it a pregnancy loss or a difficult birth or lowering breast milk supply.

Dezarae has been teaching classes for Babies R Us for the past months and every guest that has attended a breastfeeding class with her has told other team members how knowledgeable she is.

Get "Pumped" about Pumping ......Room 229, 5PM

Kelly Pomeroy is a Master Herbalist and Student Advisor for the School of Natural Healing. She is the mother of four awesome kids and is currently working on a Biology degree at UVU.

A Healthy Pregnancy for a Healthy Birth ......Room 220, 2PM

Sarah Caldwell is a mental health therapist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. She was first introduced to the world of maternal mental health as a graduate student in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Utah in 2015. Sarah had found her passion and from then on has devoted her career to working with moms and moms-to-be on their journeys to healing. She is especially interested in understanding and treating trauma resulting from pregnancy and childbirth. Sarah works with individuals, couples and groups, specifically focusing on maternal mental health and sex and intimacy. Her goal is that all women who experience pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorder symptoms know that they are good moms, they are not to blame, and they can get better.

Prepared for Whatever Turn Your Postpartum May Take ......Room 220, 4PM

Julia Jeffery lives in the foothills of Salt Lake City with her husband and 4 beautiful children. She is an accomplished baker and eager traveler. Her inquisitive nature paved the way for her expertise in newborn care. With a passion for her profession, Julia inspires confidence by giving you the facts and respecting your choices.

After working in the medical field for over 17 years, Julia gained experience in specialties ranging from ophthalmology to orthopedics before discovering her cherished role as a doula in 2012. Julia is certified as a postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, and a bereavement doula. Julia provides professional, honest care to all of her clients. She knows that every family is unique and deserves custom-tailored care. Together, she helps you achieve your parenting goals.

Newborn Care: Secrets and
Setting a Healthy Sleep Foundation
......Room 229, 2PM


Kiki Norman is a certified professional doula who specializes in early childhood education. As a wife and mother of 5 children, Kiki combines her love of learning with compassionate service. Kiki enjoys reading, playing tennis, crocheting and traveling.

Raised in a large family, Kiki emerged as the nurturer with a patient and calming nature. Kiki’s reputation as a trusted and reliable caregiver has given her a wide range of experience. When it comes to children, she is an expert. She has a gift for identifying needs and offering gentle solutions. Kiki’s competent guidance alleviates stress and distractions so you can focus on getting to know your new baby.

Newborn Care: Secrets and Setting a Healthy Sleep Foundation ......Room 229, 2PM

Rachel Joy Jackson, LMT is a mother, Arvigo® practitioner, holistic therapist, postpartum doula, and ceremonialist. Her passion for women’s health has led her to have a deeper understanding of a wide range of women’s needs from the physical to the metaphysical. She currently is working on a curriculum and book to help family-oriented women plan and prepare for a protected birth and postpartum experience.

Rachel is trained in the Arvigo® Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) and brings this knowledge to the Utah Valley area in her practice. She teaches entering womanhood classes locally for young women and presents rites of passage and education classes for those leaving maidenhood and entering their mother-time as well as developing classes centered on the menopausal years.

Sariah Price is the mother of five children. She has worked and advocated for the educational rights of children with special needs for the past 16 years. She has worked in various positions within the educational field for the past 19 years, including teaching, therapy and advocacy. She is currently a stay at home homeschooling mom, United Angels Board member and the owner of Heart to Hands Doula Services.

Parenting a Child with Special Needs ......Room 224, 1PM
A C-Section is a Real Birth ......Room 226, 3PM

Wendy Moss is a mother, cloth diaper user and part-owner of Boop Baby at 9304 S 700 E in Sandy. Wendy also runs the Cloth Diaper Initiative - a nonprofit cloth diaper bank.

Cloth Diapering 101 ......Room 220, 3PM

Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC is a mom of 2, Registered Nurse, Childbirth Educator and Board Certified Lactation Coach. She owns Lactation Link, a private practice offering breastfeeding support through her video classes, blog, and online mother support forum.

She also offers personal consultation through online video chat appts and travels for many of her clients. Lactation Link’s mission statement is to empower women through education to reach their goals, whatever they may be. A great place to get started is Lindsey's free 6-day email course.

Fact vs. Fiction: Low Milk Supply ......Room 220, 6PM

Sean Edmunds, MD is an experienced OB/GYN who is dedicated to his patients. Originally from TwinFalls, Idaho, Dr. Edmunds gained interest in the healthcare field after several accidents as a youth. He solidified his desire to become an OB/GYN after a close relative developed uterine cancer while Dr. Edmunds was away serving his church. Dr. Edmunds studied neuroscience at Brigham Young University before graduating with honors from the University of Washington School of Medicine. He then completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Utah. Dr. Edmunds focuses on the importance of his patients staying active, as this can greatly improve obstetric and gynecologic outcomes. He prides himself on minimally invasive surgery and patient directed care. Dr. Edmunds has many hobbies outside of healthcare, including trail running, hiking, going to the gym, movies, and music.

How to Make a Hospital Birth Ideal ......Room 228, 1PM
Preparing for a VBAC ......Room 226, 2PM
Exercise and Diet in Pregnancy ......Room 224, 4PM

Robin Johnson
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The Healing Touch of Reiki ......Room 226, 6PM