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Empowering Fearless Birth is the best pregnancy and birth event in the state! We have a history of high quality events since 2013.

Our History

The first event in February 2013 was originally planned for only about 100 people.  We were previewing the films of a few new mamas, presenting a few speakers and enjoying gourmet food.  Within 24 hours of tickets being announced, they were all sold and had started to be scalped!  We were blown away!  We quickly changed venues, opened up to vendors and 2.5 weeks later, we had 35 vendors and over 500 people come to the event!  The energy and excitement was amazing!!

What makes this event different?
This is an event like no other you’ve ever attended.  It’s NOT a traditional expo.  We’ve always tried to make our expos feel as intimate and lovely as possible, but this is going to be even better!  Imagine a hollywood red carpet gala, a beautiful wedding reception, and EFB all got smushed together.  :)  What do you get? A gorgeous, high quality, vibrant and exciting event with films, speakers, networking, and pregnancy magic.   Sounds yummy, right? Yummy networking.  yummy connections.  yummy babies… um.  We think you get the idea. ;) This is going to be a truly beautiful night!  We’re sure you’re as excited as we are to welcome more mamas into this community where they can find all the resources they need for a happy, safe and healthy pregnancy and birth!  We want every birth/pregnancy professional to be able to come! This event has grown to what it has because of incredible community support and loyalty.  Vendor fees pay for the space and then we as a community do the advertising.  


Vendor Options

Please review the following options and make your choice below.
(See registration form for current pricing)

ONLY Fertility/Pregnancy/Birth/Postpartum/Baby0-5 Businesses permitted

Network Marketing businesses permitted by waiting list only.

Detailed below is the pricing and sizing for the different booth options. Please note that single table booths may NOT be shared with any other business. The exception is the Main Sponsor booth.

Main Sponsor Booth/Gathering Space (see registration form for current pricing)
If you select this booth, we will work closely with you to make sure that the location and set up of your space is absolutely ideal for your needs. You'll be positioned in the prominent entry way area and have plenty of room to spread out. The center has beautiful furniture you can incorporate into your booth or bring your own.

Agency Booth/Gathering Space   (see registration form for current pricing)
This booth is for businesses that represent more than 3 individuals or have a large amount of inventory and the need to create a more traditional expo-styled space. (Birth Centers, Doula Agencies, Large Retailers) If you select this booth, we will work closely with you to make sure that the location and set up of your space is absolutely ideal for your needs. You'll be positioned in one of the main lobbies or in a prominent main traffic point in the vendor rooms. You'll have plenty of room!

Large Booth (see registration form for current pricing)
6' rectangular table. Up to 2 attendees from the same company. The table will include 2 chairs, but you are encouraged to stand and engage with those who approach your space. Located in one of the vendor halls or main lobby areas.

Medium Booth (see registration form for current pricing)
4' rectangular table and 1 chair. 1 vendor/person. Located in one of the vendor halls.

Small Booth (see registration form for current pricing)
1/2 of a 6' table. 1 vendor/person. Located in the one of the vendor halls. * You will be sharing a table with another vendor.

Fill out the form on this page. If you have trouble viewing this form (such as from a phone), please access the form directly HERE.



When you register to be a vendor, we ask you to accept these responsibilities:

Promote the event on your website, personal FB page and business FB page at least once before the event (but wait till after Christmas).

Send an email blast to at least 40 people ( must be one of the recipients of this email)

Provide a donation of at least one of the following and physically deliver it to us to finalize your registration.


Fill out this form and submit payment.

We will respond quickly with approval or denial of your application.

This event is open to any and ALL birth and women related care, services and products. However, first priority is given to vendors with pregnancy and newborn related care and services.